Range Safety

Prospect Gun Club Range Rules

1.)   A cease fire must be called if anyone is working in back of the town garage.

2.) Range officers, before and after range use; check the supply cabinet inventory for safety glasses, hearing protection headsets, spotting scopes, rifle rests.

3.)  Check member's cards.

4.) Shooters must have proof of membership when at range. Remember to carry your Prospect Gun Club membership card with you.

5.)   It is mandatory to wear safety glasses on the firing line. Hearing protection is recommended.

6.)   During shooting hours, no children under the age of 18 are allowed on the range's paved area without and adult. Absolutely NO children under the age of 10 are allowed on the paved area of the range.

7.)   When a cease fire is called, firearms must be unloaded, chambers empty, action open, and benched with the muzzle pointing down range, then stand up for a visual check.

8.)   Club members are responsible for their guests and must accompany them at all times when on the firing line.

9.)    NO full auto allowed.

10.) Shooting animals is NOT allowed.

11.) The 50 BMG caliber is NOT allowed on the range.

12.) Exploding targets are NOT allowed (Not to mention illegal in CT)

13.) NO Bottles or Cans are allowed as targets.

14.)NO excessive rapid fire allowed. Means no shooting off 10, 20, or 30 rounds magazines as fast as you can.

15.)Bowling pins are not allowed as targets on the range, due to ricochet.

16.)  The minimum distance from the firing line for steel plates amd reactive targets is 50 feet.

17.) Lead ammo is only allowed on steel targets!

18.) No hip shooting allowed.

19 .)  NO silhouette targets with a face and image of a person are allowed. Political or character targets are NOT allowed either!

 Hostage type targets and K5 for law enforcement personel only!

Only various color silhouette targets
similar to this picture (no face)
are allowed on the range
Silhouette Sample

21.) Do not discard cigarette butts on the range. There several butt cans thru the firing line, please use them.

22.)  Fast draw is not permitted.

23.)    Any shooter using a cross draw or a shoulder holster, must turn 90 degrees on the firing line so they cannot sweep the muzzle of the firearms across the firing line from  the draw.

24.)Individual shooting is now allowed as of 2008 by executive board.

25.) Portable skeet throwers or hand skeet throwers are not allowed on the range. Use only the club spplied skeet thrower.

26.)When shooting skeet from the club supplied target thrower, the shooter is not allowed to go beyond shooting #3.

27.) Clay targets are allowed as targets on the range for rifle and pistol shooting. Place clay targets on the ground only. DO NOT place clay targets on the target stands. DO NOT lean the clay targets against the base of the target stands. DO NOT shoot up and destroy the target stand.

28.)No smoking is allowed near black powder. If smoking on the firing line is offensive to someone, please move.

29.)No cleaning firearms on the firing line. Muzzle loaders are allowed to swab the barrel between shots.

30.)  Center targets on the frame stand.

31.) DO NOT pick up spent brass or shotgun shells when the range is live. Only pick up spent brass and shotgun shells during a cease fire.

32.)If there are any infractions, follow these steps:

a)      Instruct the shooter to cease fire

b)      Ask to see members card

c)       Instruct them to leave the range

d)      Get the license number of car

e)      I necessary, call the police

Persons violating any of these rules shall be reported to Executive Range Officer for disciplinary action. The Executive Range Officer is authorized to revoke shooting privileges for a period of up to 30 days. Further disciplinary action may be initiated during this period, as provided by Article IX of club by-laws.

Last Updated: 10/1/2012 to relect posted rules at range