Down Range looking at steel targets

Range Rules

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Message from Executive Range Officer

Ray Barquin
Ray Barquin

Do Not Shoot Yard Markers

Do Not Shoot The Big Rock

Guest Waiver Form

Guest Waiver Form

Guests: With mandatory changes made to our insurance policy, any guest a member brings to the range must have a waiver signed. You can pre-download a copy above. There should also be copies at the range. When members bring their guest to the range, fill out the form, sign it and leave it in the desingated place in the club house.

Reminder: Do not lean an type of Targets on the target stands. There has been a lot of exessive damage to stands.

Please Remember: You will be asked to present your Range Cards when at the range. If you do not have it, you will be asked to get it.

Yard Markers! The yard markers are begining to look like swiss cheese! Anyone caught shooting at the markers will be asked to replace them.

ROCKS! Do not shoot at the rocks at the range! This causes ricochets and is dangerous! Especially the big rock in the back right!

Drainage: The drainage ditches around the range have been filling up with run off and is causing the range to be saturated with water. Thanks to the hard work of Eric Koch, the water is beginning to decrease. If only we had more volunteers to come out and dig. If six or more guys comes down with shovels, it can easily be done on a Sunday afternoon. Don't wait for some to ask for help, take the initiative! If we can accomplish this, there will not be a need for a backhoe.

What happens when you shoot at rocks?

Here is a video that Dan Semeraro brought to my attention. We aren't kidding when we say DON'T SHOOT AT THE BIG ROCK!

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