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CT Gun/Magazine Registration

I know how we all feel about the recent law changes in our state. This is a reminder that the registration deadline is nearing for high capacity magazines and assault weapons. The club has posted the links below for your convenience. Given that all members are law abiding and responsible citizens, it might be in our best interest to maintain that status to comply (even though the law is complete B.S.).

High Capacity Magazine Registration Form - Must be submitted prior Jan. 1st 2014
Assault Weapon Registration Form DPS-414C - Must be submitted prior Jan. 1st 2014

Member Suggested Links

Gun Law and Related

Assualt Weapon Loop Hole? - Some “Assault Weapons” Still Legal In Connecticut?
CCDL on Pre Ban Loop Hole? - Preban “Assault Weapons”

Members Links

The area was created to share links them members bring forward that might interest other gun club members.

If a member has a suggestion, please email the webmaster or submit the request at a members meeting. Please restrict your request to the shooting/outdoors, related gun politics arena.

NRA Main Site - The Biggest Defender of the Second Amendment!
Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection - Hunting Permits..etc..
Connecticut General Assembly
Coalition of Connecticut Sportsmen
Connecticut Citizens Defense League - The CT version of the NRA

J.A Regan & Son - Well Services. Owner is a member of the club an offers great service at an affordable price! J.A. Regan & Son Well

John Van Vlack - Photographer. A Professional Photographer and member of the club offers many photography services! John Van Vlack - Photographer

Gun Stores

Hoffmans -

Hoffmans is a large gun store in Newington CT that we purchase our gun raffle guns at. They have a large selection of new and used guns at a great price.

Greyson Guns - Orange, CT -

Greyson is a new store that opened up in 2012 in Oranage CT. This was submitted by Ray Barquin.

Email the webmaster if you need any assistance.

Last Updated: 9/8/2014