Annaul Game Dinner, Happy People Eating.

Prospect Gun Club Annual Game Dinner 2014

Date: Friday, February 7th, 2014
Time: 6:00pm
Location: St. Anthony's Church, Prospect, CT
Cost: $35 purchased in advance, $40 at the door.

The Prospect Gun Club's annual game dinner is the clubs largest fund raiser for the year. 400 dinner tickets are sold and 2000 gun raffle tickets printed and many are sold. Tickets available from most Club members and from Union Street Station Bar & Grill in Naugatuck (23 Union St, exit 28 off of Route 8).

Dinner Tickets

The 2014 Game Dinner tickets and raffle tickets will go on sale sometime in December. Tickets will be available from most club members and from Union Street Station Bar & Grill in Naugatuck (23 Union St, exit 28 off of Route 8). Anticipation is high this year and tickets requests are coming in early. Plan ahead of time!

Cabelas Raffle

1st Prize - Cabela's # Ticket: 1572**
2nd Prize - Cabela's # Ticket: 1205**
3rd Prize - Cabela's # Ticket: 0768**

7 Gun Raffle - $5 per Ticket, 2,000 total Tickets

List of Guns for Raffle*

Gun Raffle SPEC Sheet

List just in.

Prize Description Retail Winning Ticket Number
First Mossberg MVP Varmint w/Scope 5.56mm NATO (.223) Rifle $861 1445**
Second Mossberg 930 JM Pro (Jerry Miculek Series) 12 Gauge Semi-Auto Shotgun $730 0828**
Third Mossberg SA-20™ Turkey THUG 20 Gauge Semi- Auto Shotgun  $595 1355**
Forth Thompson Center Venture .270 win Bolt Action Rifle  $537 0569**
Fifth Ruger American Rifle .308 Bolt Action Rifle   $449 0826**
Sixth Ruger American .22 LR RimFire Bolt-Action Rifle $329 1350**
Seventh Thompson Center Impact Blued .50 cal Muzzleloader $263 0724**

*Gun specs obtained from Manufacturer's websites. Links to Manufacturer's site provided as a courtesy and the Prospect Gun Club is not liable for information posted or obtained from the Manufacturer's sites

** Winning numbers are provided as a courtesy. Not responsible for typographical errors. Please contact Hoffman's gun Store to Confirm winning gun numbers. Contact Russ Lubik for Cabela's Ticket #'s

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