Annaul Game Dinner, Happy People Eating.

Prospect Gun Club Annual Game Dinner 2016

Date: Friday, February 5th, 2016
Time: 6:00pm
Location: St. Anthony's Church, Prospect, CT
Cost: $40 purchased in advance, $45 at the door (if there is availability).

The Prospect Gun Club's annual game dinner is the clubs largest fund raiser for the year. 400 dinner tickets are sold and 2000 gun raffle tickets printed and many are sold. Tickets available from most Club members and the Prospect VFW.

Dinner Tickets

The 2016 Game Dinner tickets and raffle tickets will go on sale sometime in December 2015. The pre-sale to members resulted in all the tickets going out into circulation. Tickets will proably be sold out and not available at the door. Please ask around the club members to see if any they have any extra they are willing to give up.

Cabelas Raffle

Prize Description Winning Ticket Number
First $2,500 Cabela's Gift Card 1867
Second $1,000 Cabela's Gift Card 0962
Third $500 Cabela's Gift Card 0039

8 Gun Raffle - $10 per Ticket, 2,000 total Tickets

2016 Gun Raffle Details

List of Guns for 2016 Raffle*

Prize Description Retail Winning Ticket Number
First Mossberg MVP LC Vortex, PN: 27777   0640
Second Springfield M1A, PN: MA9102CA   1262
Third Mossberg MVP Varmint Scoped Combo, PN: 27733   0790
Forth CZ 527 FS 223, PN: 03013   0259
Fifth Mossberg JM Pro-Series 930, MFG: 85118   0163
Sixth Thompson Center Triumph, MFG PN: 8528   1709
Seventh Winchester XPR with Vortex Scope, PN: 535705226   1308
Eighth Thompson Center Dimension, PN: 8404 1112
Ninth Henry Golden Boy, PN: H004 1197

*Gun specs obtained from Manufacturer's websites. Links to Manufacturer's site provided as a courtesy and the Prospect Gun Club is not liable for information posted or obtained from the Manufacturer's sites

**Winning ticket numbers were obtained the night of the dinner and are listed here as a courtesy for those who did not attend. The Prospect Gun club is not responsible for typographical errors.


Last Updated: 2/8/2016